Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Photos of Sydney

A little late, but I finally got all the photos from Seattle up. Most of these showcase the birthday party of Sydney, but we have a few duck photos as well from the trip to the country village. Just a fun family moment.

As a postscript, the photo on the right was a finalist in a photography contest recently.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

North Cascades National Park

We took highway 20 through North Cascades National Park. We also drove up the Cascade River Road and camped with a view of Mt. Baker. On the way to the campsite we met a small black bear, which caused Buckley to growl.

Jim and Casie's Wedding

Traveled to Mazama, which is near North Cascade National Park in Washington for the wedding. The setting was very nice, held in at the Freestone Inn and with the beautiful mountains in the background.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pricing Info

In general, pricing is by event as indicated below. Negotiation is possible on all the prices and packages are flexible. heather.dillon @gmail.com
Digital versions of the photos are available at no additional cost and you are free to make reproductions as you wish. I also provide your photos in a web gallery that you can email to family and friends.

Pricing for prints purchased on the website is comparable to local photo shops. I encourage you to order your prints directly from the website because I cannot ensure the quality of prints from other sources.
4x6 - $0.25
5x7 - $1.50
8x10 - $3.99
11x17 - $6.99

Maui Photos

Recently had the opportunity to visit Maui. The underwater photographs are some of the best simply because the Sea Turtles were there.

We also drove around the island and took photos of waterfalls on the Hana side of the island. Other highlights included the spinner dolphins on a trip to Lanai and the drive up to the volcano.

Welcome to the photography blog

I wanted to provide a timeline for the photography on my website. Many of the photos are organized by type rather than date or event so I am hoping this will provide a little clarity for the users of the website.

Additional background, I am just starting out as a photographer. I enjoy artistic photography, but I have started to dable in weddings and events. I work in Washington state but frequently travel to Oregon and Idaho to take photos.